Hospice, Palliative Providers Strategize to Reach Underserved Communities

Providers are seeking to better understand the scope of health care disparities to find where the greatest areas of needs exist among underserved populations. But defining the range of communities that specifically lack access to hospice and palliative care can be a moving target. Every community in the nation has pockets of underserved communities, and […]

NHPCO: Language, Mistrust, Lack of Diverse Staff Come Between Hospices and Underserved Populations

Language barriers, mistrust of the health care system and a lack of diverse staff are the most common obstacles between hospice care and underserved communities, research from the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) recently found. NHPCO’s Diversity Advisory Council, in partnership with Transcend Strategy Group, recently polled more than 1,200 individuals among LGBTQ+, […]

Hospice Workers ‘Crave’ Safety, Connection, Efficiency

As the hospice labor pool continues to dwindle, employers are seeking to understand what their workers need to continue on in the field. Researchers from Transcend Strategy Group have developed a stratified “hierarchy of needs” for hospice workers, based on data showing what those employees value most. Transcend found that the top priorities for hospice […]

Health Systems Expanding Into Hospice Could Disrupt Competitive Playing Field

As health and hospital systems show a growing interest in home-based care, the competitive landscape for hospices could change — both in terms of market share and staff recruitment. A leading concern is that hospices will see dips in their referral streams, admissions and ultimately their bottom lines, according to YoloCares CEO Craig Dresang. “In […]

No Easy Answers on Hospice Turnover Costs

Some hospice providers are walking a tightrope as they decide how to invest in recruitment and retention. Hospices have been pouring financial resources into efforts to bolster their workforce and are seeking ways to balance the costs associated with recruitment that differ from retention expenses. However, the process of calculating and comparing those costs can […]

Hospices Combat Misperceptions With Direct-to-Consumer Marketing

Patients and families often don’t recognize the distinctions among the hospices in their communities, which complicates providers’ efforts to differentiate themselves from competitors. Some hospices are reorienting marketing strategies to maximize consumer awareness and encourage patients to proactively discuss end-of-life options with their current providers. These findings appear in a recent report from senior care […]

Hospices Call for Higher Payment to Offset Minimum Wage Hikes Amid Staff Shortage

While hospices have been focusing efforts to recruit, retain and rebuild their ranks during a financially choppy time, some providers are furrowing their brows over minimum wage increases in the absence of a corresponding raise to Medicare reimbursement.  While federal efforts to boost the minimum wage have stagnated for the time being, action is underway […]

Speedy Response Physician Offices’ Top Priority in Hospice Referrals

Physician offices rarely perceive differentiation among hospices, home health or palliative care providers in their markets. In many cases, the most important factor they consider when referring to a home-based post-acute provider is the speed with which those organizations respond to them, according to new data from Transcend Strategy Group. Nearly 81% of respondents to […]

Hospices Finding Goal-Concordant Care Essential to Brand Identity

Ensuring that patients receive quality care in accordance with their wishes and goals is as essential to a hospice’s brand identity as their name, logo and letterhead. Factors such as organizational culture and mission can form a bedrock for a provider’s marketing strategies and brand advancement.  As demand for hospice care grows, hospice providers in […]

Collaboration with Hospice Caregivers Boosts Family Satisfaction

Keeping family members engaged in the course of a hospice patient’s care, including care planning, can improve patient and family satisfaction. Patients and referral partners are increasingly examining publicly reported satisfaction scores when selecting the hospices they want to work with. The Consumer Assessment Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) survey is one of the most […]