Brigham and Women’s Hospital Develops Virtual Reality Hospice, Palliative Training Partnership

Boston-based Brigham and Women’s Hospital recently partnered with the tech company Jolly Good Inc. to develop a virtual reality training program aimed at improving communication skills among serious illness and end-of-life care professionals. The ability to communicate with seriously ill patients and their families is an important part of providing quality care at various points […]

Understanding Policymakers’ Frame of Reference Crucial to Hospice, Palliative Care Advocacy

Axxess founder and CEO John Olajide discovered a passion for both business and technology at an early age, and in time, saw opportunities to leverage those interests to help modernize health care. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Olajide’s first job involved handling money for his family’s wholesale and retail distribution business. Consequently, matters of management and […]

Avanlee Care Joins Forces with Major Retailer on Caregiver Support

Avanlee Care has teamed up with a national retail company to allow families in certain markets to order groceries, health or pharmacy products through its caregiver support mobile app. Beginning in February, the app also will include curated shopping lists specific to seniors’ health needs, such as gluten-free, dairy-free, low-sodium or diabetic-friendly groceries, or post-surgery […]

Studies: Virtual Reality Shows Promise in Palliative Care

More providers are investing in virtual reality (VR) programs as a growing body of research shows that it can ease pain symptoms and improve outcomes for palliative care patients. Virtual reality technology can reduce the use of high-cost pain therapy services and medications, according to Dr. Joseph Shega, executive vice president and chief medical officer […]

Rural Providers Weigh Telehealth Investment Against Regulatory Uncertainty

Hospices are leveraging expanded telehealth options to maximize access for hard-to-reach rural patients despite lingering regulatory uncertainties. Case in point, the Providence Institute for Human Caring last year launched a tele-palliative care program aimed at addressing rural patients’ unmet needs. Thus far, the initiative has yielded positive results, but the process hasn’t always been easy, […]

Hospices Wield Technology in Recruitment ‘Ground War’

As they battle it out for new hires, technology is proving essential to hospices’ recruitment arsenal. The pandemic accelerated shifts in the ways hospices use tech solutions, like telehealth for patient care or video conferencing to connect with remote-working employees. A similar trend is developing around recruitment and retention. And to maximize the results, investing […]

Snowline Hospice Leverages Tech Partnership to Drive Patient Engagement

California-based Snowline Hospice is entering a collaborative partnership with tech company CareFlash LLC to provide patients and their families with enhanced supportive care. The collaboration is designed to allow for greater connectivity and help patients and families navigate logistical aspects of end-of-life care. Hospices have increasingly leveraged technology to ramp up family and patient support. […]

Hospices Seek Expanded Telehealth Post-Pandemic as Regulatory Uncertainties Linger

Integration of telehealth has become an important component in serious illness and end-of-life care. Providers leveraged telehealth to build efficiency and increase touch points with patients and families, while also reducing travel and leg work for staff. But as pandemic restrictions start to wind down, regulatory uncertainties and questions abound about the long-term impact of […]

Hospices Leverage Tech to Keep Staff Connected Amid Labor Shortage

Staffing shortages have long plagued the hospice industry, with the furrowing brows on providers deepening as the coronavirus pandemic adds worsening pressure. More providers are turning to technology platforms to ensure timely communication with staff, create efficiency and reduce burnout. Widespread workforce shortages in hospice and palliative care are expected to worsen during the next […]

Abundant Hospice Opens Inpatient Facility with Robotic Infection Control

Texas-based Abundant Hospice recently opened doors to a new inpatient care facility that uses a disinfecting robot to sanitize patient rooms and areas within the building. Founded last year as the pandemic plagued the nation, the hospice developed the center with staff and patient safety as a main priority. Abundant Hospice began serving patients in […]