The State of the Hospice Nursing Workforce 

Honing clinical scheduling and onboarding models is key to sustaining the hospice nurse workforce as demand for these clinicians rises and wages lag compared to those in other settings. Future generations of health care clinicians may be woefully unprepared to address both the quantity and and the complexity of emotional, physical and spiritual needs among […]

Nurses’ Union Reaches Labor Agreement with PeaceHealth for Hospice, Home Health Workers

After more than a year of negotiations, the Oregon Nurses Association (ONA) labor union has reached an agreement with PeaceHealth. Priorities among the hospice and home nurses include wage increases, raising safety standards, ensuring affordable and accessible home health care delivery, equitable pay protection and addressing clinical staffing crises by increasing recruitment and retention of […]

Evolving Medical Licensing Laws Could Affect Hospice Workforce, Diversity Challenges

A rash of states are restructuring their medical licensing requirements to allow more trained clinicians from other countries to find employment in the United States. The trend is an aim to address prolific workforce shortages, including in hospice, but could also have impacts on improving diversity, equity and inclusion. Some states have restructured medical licensing […]

Home-Based Care Employment Exceeding Pre-Pandemic Levels

Though labor shortages persist, glimmers of hope are on the horizon. Employment in the home-based care sector rose above pre-pandemic levels in 2023, according to the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC). The U.S. Department of Commerce defines this sector to include hospices, home health agencies, private duty, pediatric agencies and other providers of care in […]

Providers, Including Ohio’s Hospice, Feel the Squeeze from Inflation and Flat Reimbursement Growth

In case you missed it, Hospice News has launched a new specialty publication for palliative care professionals. You can subscribe to Palliative Care News here: Subscribe today! Ohio’s Hospice is among the providers experiencing staffing pressures amid lagging reimbursement rates and rising inflation.  Inflation, wage hikes and lagging reimbursement are among the main forces pressurizing hospice workforces, […]

The Employment Outlook for Hospice Aides

Rising wages, reimbursement pressures and immigration policies are fueling high turnover rates for hospice and personal care aides. Similar trends are proliferating among hospitals and health systems that provide these services. Current reimbursement structures for aide services represent the most significant challenge in maintaining a sufficient workforce, according to Kenneth Albert, president and CEO of […]

BrightStar Care Partners with Adtalem on Clinical Training in Hospice, Palliative Care

Want to read more palliative care-focused content like this? Subscribe to Palliative Care News today! BrightStar Care is partnering with the medical and nursing training organization Adtalem Global Education to help build up their hospice, home health and palliative care workforce. Amid staffing shortages, limited access to clinical training continues to place constraints on recruitment […]

Where Hospices Are Investing Their 2024 Recruitment, Retention Dollars

In case you missed it, Hospice News has launched a new specialty publication for palliative care professionals. You can subscribe to Palliative Care News here: Subscribe today! As hospices zero in on their investments in staff engagement and operational efficiencies, organizational culture is becoming a higher priority. Hospices nationwide are taking varied approaches around how they fuel […]

How Hospices Are Innovating Clinical Onboarding

Having peer-support and employee feedback loops are key pieces in some hospices’ onboarding models. Rising demand for hospice amid prolific clinical workforce shortages has providers laser-focused on effective recruitment and retention strategies. Onboarding processes have an important role in preparing hospice clinicians for the nuances of providing end-of-life care. Hospices have taken varied approaches to […]

VITAS Healthcare Strengthens Executive Team with Key Promotions in Hospice Operations, HME Department

VITAS Healthcare, one of the largest providers of hospice and palliative care services in the U.S., has announced the promotion of several executives to key positions within its leadership team. Announced Tuesday, the promotions bump Kathleen Coronado, Anthony Cosma, Mario De La Rosa and Angela Hamrick up to vice president roles at VITAS. Broadly, the […]