How Hospices Can Rebrand Post-Merger, Acquisition

Rebranding a hospice company following a merger or acquisition is a more complex process than it may seem at first blush. While consolidation slowed in 2023, many industry observers expect a rebound in 2024, though perhaps not to the record-breaking levels seen in 2021. And although not all acquired companies rebrand, many do in order […]

4 Keys to Creating a Palliative Care Marketing Campaign

Obstacles exist for palliative care marketers trying to reach new payers, referral partners and clients. To navigate them, providers should keep four key strategies in mind. At the heart of each of these strategies is the need to educate the audience you’re trying to reach. Widespread misconceptions about palliative care circulate among the public and […]

HCP Report: Consumer Word of Mouth the Top Hospice Marketing Source

When it comes to marketing a hospice or home health business, word of mouth among consumers may be more critical than many realize — generating as much as 36% of revenue. Word of mouth reached the pinnacle on a list of the top 10 home health and hospice marketing sources at 30%, according to the […]

Hospices Combat Misperceptions With Direct-to-Consumer Marketing

Patients and families often don’t recognize the distinctions among the hospices in their communities, which complicates providers’ efforts to differentiate themselves from competitors. Some hospices are reorienting marketing strategies to maximize consumer awareness and encourage patients to proactively discuss end-of-life options with their current providers. These findings appear in a recent report from senior care […]