Forces Propelling ROI for Hospices’ Health Equity Initiatives

Breaking down health care disparities can come with complex operational and financial challenges for hospices as reimbursement avenues lag amid widespread workforce shortages. Navigating these challenges can be a difficult feat when seeking to expand equitable access, according to Teresa Lin, vice president of cultural market development at VNS Health. The provider offers hospice, home […]

The AIDS Epidemic’s Lasting Impact on Hospice Care for LGBTQ+ Populations

The AIDS epidemic coincided with the birth of the hospice movement roughly four decades ago, carrying groundbreaking impacts on end-of-life care delivery for LGBTQ+ communities and beyond. Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals were among the most severely impacted by the AIDS outbreak in the 1980s. LGBTQ+ communities died at higher rates from 1980 to […]

How Health Equity Impacts Hospices’ Bottom Lines

More hospices nationwide have increasingly recognized the value proposition of expanding their reach into untapped and underserved populations and geographic markets. Aside from increased access, census volumes and quality, health equity’s return on investment can also include a better recruitment and retention outlook, according to David Turner, vice president of special projects and initiatives at […]

Staff Training Key to Improving Hospice Quality Among LGBTQ+ Patients

Hospice staff training models with culturally appropriate LGBTQ+ components are key to improving quality outcomes among an increasingly diverse base of underserved seniors. Ongoing staff education and communication skill building are two significant pieces of bridging gaps of hospice care among LGBTQ+ seniors, according to Jerry Farmer, vice president of diversity, equity and inclusion at […]

Evolving Medical Licensing Laws Could Affect Hospice Workforce, Diversity Challenges

A rash of states are restructuring their medical licensing requirements to allow more trained clinicians from other countries to find employment in the United States. The trend is an aim to address prolific workforce shortages, including in hospice, but could also have impacts on improving diversity, equity and inclusion. Some states have restructured medical licensing […]

How Death Doulas Can Help Hospices Improve Health Equity

End-of-life doulas can help hospices’ efforts to improve health equity in hard to reach settings while also improving quality in the last days of life. The quantity and quality of patient visits during the last days of life is an important quality measure for hospice providers. Having doulas at the bedside during the last days […]

Hospices, Community Groups Team Up to Provide Care to the Homeless

A group of Wisconsin-based organizations, including hospices, are working to improve end-of-life care among homeless populations. A recent grant from local government agencies is helping to fuel these efforts. Solace Friends Inc. is among the organizations to receive $100,000 in grant funding that helped launch an adult family center. Dubbed Solace Home, the four-bed residential […]

Researchers Uncover Widespread Disparities Affecting Rural Hospice Caregivers

Lagging supportive services around social determinants of health and limited access to hospice and palliative care are driving disparities among rural family caregivers. Rural caregivers are more vulnerable to adverse emotional health impacts than others due to their remote locations, researcher Arienne Patano, PhD student at Michigan State University, said at the American Academy of […]

HAP Foundation, NORC: Structural Racism Impedes Access to Hospice, Palliative Care

Black Americans are frequently denied access to hospice and palliative care due to structural racism, and many of those communities lack sufficient information to make end-of-life care decisions, new research has found. The HAP Foundation and NORC at the University of Chicago recently published the results of a joint research project designed to gain better […]

Spiritual Care Key to Addressing Disparities Among Underserved Black Communities

In case you missed it, Hospice News has launched a new specialty publication for palliative care professionals. You can subscribe to Palliative Care News here: Subscribe today! Spiritual hospice care providers are an important link to building bridges of access and trust among underserved African American populations. Spirituality plays a key role in end-of-life decisions among African […]