3 Pillars of Effective Hospice Sales

Hospices seeking to grow should consider building a culture of compliance driven by data, effective system design and accountability, including for its sales force. Compliance and sales should walk hand-in-hand, according to a recent report from the Transcend Strategy Group. This can help prevent sales staff from running afoul of regulations inadvertently as well as […]

Hospice’s Outlook in Value-Based Care

Data are key to understanding how value-based care has helped highlight quality benefits of hospice. The U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is sunsetting the hospice component of the value-based insurance design (VBID) as of Dec. 31. Commonly called the hospice carve-in, the program in 2021 began testing the coverage of hospice through […]

How Sales and Marketing Compensation Can Get Hospices Into Hot Water

Regulators are taking a closer look at how hospices pay their marketing and outreach workforces to curb fraudulent activity tied to referral streams. Federal and state regulatory agencies have systems in place to detect fraud, waste and abuse in hospice, and some are honing on oversight of sales, marketing and outreach staff payment arrangements, according […]

How Hospices Can Rebrand Post-Merger, Acquisition

Rebranding a hospice company following a merger or acquisition is a more complex process than it may seem at first blush. While consolidation slowed in 2023, many industry observers expect a rebound in 2024, though perhaps not to the record-breaking levels seen in 2021. And although not all acquired companies rebrand, many do in order […]

Executive Changes at Niagara Hospice, Transcend Strategy Group, AMOREM, HomeCare & Hospice

Niagara Hospice CEO Retires Lockport, N.Y.-based Niagara Hospice will soon have a new president and CEO with the upcoming retirement of John Lomeo, who has led the organization since 2000. Niagara Hospice is part of The Hospice and Palliative Care Group (HPCG), an organization that provides administrative services. Other providers in the group include Kalos […]

How Hospices Can Effectively Rebrand

A rising number of hospices have undergone name changes in recent years, prompting many to consider the elements of an effective rebranding strategy. As hospices nationwide develop new services to engage patients further upstream, some are rebranding to reflect their expanded scope and to avoid the word “hospice” in their company names, hoping to ameliorate […]

Hospices Leverage Technology to Improve Patient, Employee Satisfaction, Reduce Turnover 

With burnout as a major cause of turnover, hospices are applying technology to take some of the pressure off of staff in hopes of boosting retention. A frequent goal is reducing the amount of time spent on documentation. Though complete and accurate documentation is essential to regulatory compliance, patient safety and securing payment, the sheer […]

Hospices Ramping Up Caregiver Support

Hospice providers have made recent moves to boost family caregiver support as access to respite care and other resources lags. Massachusetts-based NVNA and Hospice is among these providers. The company recently launched a new support group for adult caregivers of oncology patients. The monthly community group is intended to provide resources and assistance for caregivers […]

The Benefits of Diversifying a Hospice’s Referral Mix

As the health care system changes, hospices may want to focus on diversifying their mix of referral sources. A range of factors are transforming the environment in which home-based care providers operate, including hospices. Among them are value-based payment models, the workforce shortages, regulatory scrutiny and reimbursement that isn’t keeping pace with costs, according to […]