Nursing Educator Shortage Contributing to Hospice Labor Pressures

When retiring hospice nurses are ready to pass the torch, often no one is there to take it. The same applies to instructors in nursing schools who could help replenish their ranks. A dearth of nursing educators is contributing to hospice workforce shortages, leading providers to compensate by expanding in-house training programs. Currently, nursing schools […]

Hospice Leaders: Dollars Alone Won’t Solve the Turnover Conundrum

Money isn’t everything when it comes to recruitment and retention. While compensation is an important factor for attracting and keeping staff, hospices need to consider other crucial aspects. Employee benefits, a career path, organizational culture and leadership engagement also weigh into workers’ decisions to join, stay or leave a hospice. Hospices should take a close […]

From the Trenches: Nurse Practitioner Obiora on Where Hospice Succeeds, What Needs to Change

In hospice, clinicians in the field have the closest relationships with patients and families, giving them direct insight into their needs and the challenge of providing care when many operators are understaffed. Akunesokwu (Neso) Obiora entered the palliative care field nearly 20 years ago as a hospice aide. Today she is a hospice- and palliative […]

Hospices Integrating Cultural Competency into Recruitment, Retention

As hospices expand their diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, more are putting cultural competency at the forefront of their hiring and training processes.  Understanding and awareness of cultural beliefs and practices makes a difference when it comes to attracting and keeping staff, according to Keith Everett, CEO of Louisiana-based Hospice of Acadiana Inc. A key […]