Hospices Seek Expanded Telehealth Post-Pandemic as Regulatory Uncertainties Linger

Integration of telehealth has become an important component in serious illness and end-of-life care. Providers leveraged telehealth to build efficiency and increase touch points with patients and families, while also reducing travel and leg work for staff. But as pandemic restrictions start to wind down, regulatory uncertainties and questions abound about the long-term impact of […]

Hospices Leverage Tech to Keep Staff Connected Amid Labor Shortage

Staffing shortages have long plagued the hospice industry, with the furrowing brows on providers deepening as the coronavirus pandemic adds worsening pressure. More providers are turning to technology platforms to ensure timely communication with staff, create efficiency and reduce burnout. Widespread workforce shortages in hospice and palliative care are expected to worsen during the next […]

Abundant Hospice Opens Inpatient Facility with Robotic Infection Control

Texas-based Abundant Hospice recently opened doors to a new inpatient care facility that uses a disinfecting robot to sanitize patient rooms and areas within the building. Founded last year as the pandemic plagued the nation, the hospice developed the center with staff and patient safety as a main priority. Abundant Hospice began serving patients in […]

Hospice Providers Leverage EHR Interoperability for Palliative Care Referral Management

Technology is becoming a critical point of access and growth when it comes to fueling palliative care referrals. Electronic health record (EHR) interoperability will be key to building a sustainable palliative care patient census, as more providers re-examine the ways they collaborate with other health care organizations throughout the continuum. The complexity of referral management […]

Evolent to Purchase Vital Decisions in $85 Million Deal

Evolent Health (NYSE: EVH) has penned a definitive agreement to buy Vital Decisions from its current private equity owners WindRose Health Investors for $85 million. The deal also includes an additional earn out of $45 million. Vital Decisions offers telehealth solutions to support advance care planning. An “earn out” in an acquisition refers to additional […]

The Denver Hospice Leverages Technology Inpatient Center Upgrades

The Denver Hospice in Colorado is renovating its Inpatient Care Center at Lowry. The upgrades include a new medication delivery system and additional beds within a recently-added negative pressure wing designed to treat patients with infectious disease. Founded in 1978, The Denver Hospice provides care to more than 4,000 hospice patients and 1,200 palliative care […]

Hospice Telemedicine Slashes Hospital Visits

The increased use of hospice telehealth during COVID-19 has reduced 911 calls and emergency department visits, generating significant cost savings. Preventing those events is a key priority for Medicare and other payers, and hospices can leverage their successes on those metrics to attract referral partners and health plans. Among a group of 44 hospice patients, […]

Elizabeth Hospice Expands Virtual Reality Program During COVID-19

Hospice and palliative care providers are increasingly using virtual reality (VR) to help reduce pain, anxiety and feelings of fear and isolation in patients with chronic conditions. More hospices have incorporated VR into patient care, with the pandemic driving innovative uses for technology. The Elizabeth Hospice began to use VR to reach isolated patients during […]

Telehealth Promises Greatest ROI on Hospice Technology Investment

Leveraging technology during the coronavirus pandemic has kept providers connected with patients and their families from a distance. Despite unknowns regarding the future of telehealth regulations, hospice providers expect those systems to yield the highest return on investment when it comes to technology. Nearly half of respondents (47%) of the 2021 Hospice Industry Outlook Report […]

Crossroads Hospice Leverages Technology to Keep Patients Connected During Pandemic

Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care has launched a new technology platform to help reduce the plague of social isolation afflicting patients alongside the COVID-19 pandemic. The new Crossroads Connections program targets patients residing in the long-term care setting, where pandemic-related restrictions have often prevented patients from seeing loved ones as well as hospice staff.  Crossroads […]