Growing Neuropalliative Care: Overcoming Barriers to Scale

The emerging specialty of neuropalliative care faces several obstacles to scaling and reaching more patients. A huge need exists for neuropalliative care, Dr. Claire J. Creutzfeldt at the Harborview Medical Center’s Department of Neurology told Palliative Care News. Neurological illnesses result in a change in not only physical health, but also mental health as social […]

Bringing Palliative Telehealth to Rural Tennessee

A Tennessee provider is working to break down barriers to palliative care for rural cancer patients in their home state. For cancer patients in rural areas, accessing palliative care services can be a burden due to the distance needed to travel to a clinic or for an in-home provider to come to them. Tennessee Oncology, […]

Preventing Burnout Among Palliative Care Employees

The emotional toll of caring for the seriously ill contributes to high rates of burnout among palliative care workers. Burnout is a state of complete mental, physical and emotional exhaustion. Symptoms of burnout can include depression, compassion fatigue, stress and anxiety, and apathy, both in general life and towards work tasks. For palliative care clinicians, […]

‘Elegant, Expert Care’: The Emergence of Neuropalliative Services

People living with a neurological illness often face a long and painful road. Many neurological illnesses, such as dementia, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s, are progressive illnesses that come with a number of additional symptoms, from pain to depression. In recent years, more neurologists are realizing the need for specialized palliative care for this population. Three years […]

4 Keys to Creating a Palliative Care Marketing Campaign

Obstacles exist for palliative care marketers trying to reach new payers, referral partners and clients. To navigate them, providers should keep four key strategies in mind. At the heart of each of these strategies is the need to educate the audience you’re trying to reach. Widespread misconceptions about palliative care circulate among the public and […]

How Outpatient Palliative Care Clinics Advance Person-Centered Care

To meet growing demand, more outpatient palliative care clinics and programs are cropping up. Insurance companies and Medicare are also starting to recognize the cost savings and improved patient outcomes the clinics can provide. “I think what we are realizing is that the majority of Americans with chronic illness actually are not dying, and they’re […]