HomeCare Physicians, Suncrest Hospice Exemplify Care Coordination

On a cold Monday morning Thomas Cornwell, M.D., climbs into the back of an SUV. A primary care physician, he is en route to the home of an elderly dementia patient in the Chicago suburbs who recently enrolled in hospice. Cornwell and a medical assistant spend close to 40 minutes in the patient’s home, checking […]

Home-Based Primary Care May Be Hospices’ Next Frontier

As hospices seek new ways to engage patients further upstream, a rising number are diversifying their services to include home-based primary care, along with palliative care and other care models. Evidence indicates that these primary care programs carry substantial benefits for patients and families and can have a significant positive impact on a hospice’s bottom […]

CMS Primary Cares to Include New Track for High-Cost Patients

The U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is planning to implement a payment model within its Primary Cares Initiative that would address the needs of patients associated with the highest health care costs. Few details about the model are available as the agency has not yet publicly announced the program. The program would […]