Palliative Care Psychedelics Firm Psyence Completes Newcourt Merger, Goes Public in US

Canada-based Psyence Biomed has completed a merger with Newcourt Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: NCAC), making the palliative care-focused psychedelics company publicly traded in the United States. Psyence Biomed is a subsidiary of the Canadian biotech company Psyence Group Inc. Psyence is publicly traded on the Canadian Securities Exchange and has made natural psychedelic products the focus […]

How Psychedelics Could Change Palliative Care

Some in the serious illness space believe that psychedelic-assisted therapy represents a new frontier in palliative care, even though the substances remain illegal at the federal level. In recent years, research into the potential medical uses of psychedelics and ketamine has abounded. The focus to date has been concentrated on three areas: mental health, palliative […]

Psyence, Newcourt Deal Would Create New Palliative Care Psychedelics Company

A new, publicly traded company devoted to exploring the use of psychedelics in palliative care is in development. Psyence Biomed, a subsidiary of the Canadian biotech company Psyence Group Inc., has signed a definitive business combination agreement with Newcourt Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: NCAC) to create the new organization. Psyence Biomed expects to receive a minimum […]

Filament Health, Psyence Group Partner to Advance Psychedelic Palliative Medicine

The international biotechnology company Psyence Group has entered into a licensing agreement with Filament Heath Corp. to support development of palliative care drugs derived from natural psilocybin. The agreement gives Psyence an exclusive license to use Filament’s botanical drug candidate PEX010 in clinical trials, initially in the United Kingdom. Both companies are publicly traded on […]