Data Paramount in Hospice-Payer, Referral Partner Negotiations

As hospice and palliative care providers move further into value-based care, data is becoming paramount to building payer and referral partner relationships. In this climate, hospices that can demonstrate their value — and their ability to financially and operationally weather changes in an evolving reimbursement landscape — will have a leg up on competitors. Key data […]

Hospices Leverage Technology to Improve Compliance

As more technology seeps into the health care world, some hospices are leveraging new systems to improve compliance, standardize processes and anticipate patients’ needs. Providers are increasingly relying on systems designed to improve clinical documentation, performance on quality measures and to guide business decisions. Working with platforms like these is essential in today’s health care […]

WellSky Partners with Google on AI, Process Automation

The post-acute tech company WellSky is partnering with Google Cloud to enhance its artificial intelligence, data analytics and machine learning capabilities. Google Cloud is a segment of Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG), the parent company of the tech giant Google. The collaboration will bring WellSky larger access to Google Cloud’s Vertex AI, an AI platform that […]

Where Palliative Care Fits into CMMI’s GUIDE Model for Dementia Care

Palliative care providers may be uniquely positioned to develop partnerships that support patients through the new Guiding an Improved Dementia Experience (GUIDE) Model recently unveiled by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation. While the program is not a palliative care model, those providers are well-suited to deliver the kind of care that GUIDE outlines. […]

Hospices’ Collaboration with Discharge Planners Key to Effective Care Transitions

Collaboration with hospital discharge planners can help hospices ensure smoother care transitions and timely referrals. Securing timely referrals for eligible patients remains a challenge because many hospice patients receive care for only a few days prior to death. Additionally, careful management of discharges to hospice care is a growing priority as providers and payers seek […]

WellSky Acquires Software Company Experience Care

The health care technology company WellSky has acquired the post-acute care software firm Experience Care. Financial terms were not disclosed. Experience Care has developed an electronic health record (EHR) platform and financial solution designed for long-term care facilities. The system can also help long term care operators ensure that residents receive appropriate care at the […]

Palliative Care Providers Leverage Data to Thrive within Value-Based Reimbursement Models

Data collection and analysis are becoming increasingly important to palliative care providers’ clinical and business processes. This trend has led to many new partnerships that have helped companies make better-informed decisions for patients. Recently, Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice entered into a partnership with the tech company WellSky, using a predictive analytics platform to identify […]

Hospices Strengthening Ties to Tech, Pharmacy Companies to Support Families, Staff

Hospices are increasingly leveraging technology and pharmaceutical partnerships to better address the needs of patients and families and improve financial and operational efficiencies. Hospices have leaned heavily on technology during the pandemic, turning to telehealth to remain connected to patients and their families. Hospices have also increasingly leveraged technology to build operational efficiencies during widespread […]

Studies: Virtual Reality Shows Promise in Palliative Care

More providers are investing in virtual reality (VR) programs as a growing body of research shows that it can ease pain symptoms and improve outcomes for palliative care patients. Virtual reality technology can reduce the use of high-cost pain therapy services and medications, according to Dr. Joseph Shega, executive vice president and chief medical officer […]

Hospice the Next Generation: How the Benefit Could Change

The possibility exists that hospice care will change more in the next few years than it has during the previous four decades. The Medicare Hospice Benefit turned 40-years-old in 2022, and in that time the program has remained fundamentally unchanged. Adjustments have occurred, like implementation of the “U-shaped curve” in reimbursement, the service intensity add-on […]