Breaking Down Costs, ROIs of Hospice-Death Doula Partnerships

Some hospices that have layered end-of-life doulas (EOLDs) into their workforce are seeing a return on these investments in various forms – including quality outcomes, retention and care continuity. Among the largest benefits of investing in doula workers is that these professionals can help hospices address unmet needs among terminally ill patients and their families, […]

Death Doulas, Community Health Workers Collaborations Can Aid Hospices, But Resources Are Scarce

End-of-life doulas (EOLDs) and community health workers can add an additional layer of support that can help hospices improve connections and outcomes among patients and families. However, building these collaborations has come with financial barriers. EOLDs have had a growing presence in the serious illness and end-of-life care space, but their services are not reimbursed […]