Senators Propose Bills to Expand Hospice Training, Ensure Access to Transfusions

Sens. Jacky Rosen (D-Nev.) and Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) recently re-introduced legislation designed to expand the palliative care workforce. The two lawmakers, along with others, also brought forth a second bill designed to ensure that hospice patients who need blood transfusions can receive them. The bipartisan-supported Provider Training in Palliative Care Act aims to increase the […]

California Hospice Owner Receives 25 Months in Prison for Fraud, Kickbacks

A federal court has sentenced Akop Atoyan, former co-owner of three California home health and hospice agencies, to 25 months in prison for health care fraud and kickback schemes. Atoyan pled guilty to the changes. He and his wife Liana Karapetyan owned ANG Health Care, Excel Hospice, and Excel Home Healthcare in the Sacramento area. […]

New York Governor Vetoes Bill to Limit For-Profit Hospices

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) has vetoed legislation that would have effectively banned new, for-profit hospices in the state. The New York State Assembly passed the bill in June and submitted it to the governor’s office in mid-December. It would have prohibited the establishment of for-profit hospices in New York state and forbid current […]

[UPDATED] For-Profit or Nonprofit, Hospice Is Not a ‘Hustle’

The recent article by the New Yorker and ProPublica that branded “hospice” as a profiteering “hustle” was an outrageous misrepresentation of the provider community. Starting with the headline, the story uses “hospice” as a monolithic term that makes little distinction among individual providers — heralding its overgeneralized and oversimplified perspective. In many instances information that […]

Hospices Expanding Services for the Veteran Population

The nation’s veterans are aging along with the rest of the U.S. population, and hospices are developing more programs and resources to address their unique needs. Veterans of the Vietnam conflict range in age from 62- to 104-years old, and they now represent the largest contingent of former military who are approaching the end of […]

Sequestration’s Return Creating a ‘Tsunami of Pain Points’ for Hospices

The return of sequestration is adding to the financial storms brewing in hospice, as providers contend with rising costs of delivering patient care, inflation and lackluster reimbursement. Providers are increasingly concerned about their ability to sustain their businesses through choppy waters, calling on regulators to step up support. After a moratorium during the pandemic, Medicare […]

Hospice Advocacy Groups Ask Congress for Action on Proposed 2023 Medicare Rates

More than a dozen hospice advocacy groups have called on congressional leadership to intervene in a proposed 2.7% bump in Medicare payments, which they say is insufficient in light of COVID-19 and staffing headwinds. The organizations signed a letter to party leaders in both chambers of Congress. Signatories included the National Hospice & Palliative Care […]

The Case for Integrating Social Determinants Into Palliative Care

Individually, palliative care and social determinants programs both have the potential to improve quality of life and reduce costs — but that potential may be greater when the two are combined. Social determinants are non-medical needs that can have a significant impact on the trajectory of patients’ health, such as nutrition, transportation, social or caregiver […]