Breaking Down Costs, ROIs of Hospice-Death Doula Partnerships

Some hospices that have layered end-of-life doulas (EOLDs) into their workforce are seeing a return on these investments in various forms – including quality outcomes, retention and care continuity. Among the largest benefits of investing in doula workers is that these professionals can help hospices address unmet needs among terminally ill patients and their families, […]

How Hospices Can Support Families Seeking ‘Green’ Burials

Hospices can assist terminally ill patients and their families who have questions about “green” burial options by connecting them with services like death doulas or by educating staff on those practices. Interest in natural or green funeral and burial options has been growing year-over-year, according to the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA). Around 60.5% of […]

10 ‘Hidden Gem’ Hospice News Stories from 2022

Huge acquisitions, the labor shortage and regulation dominated the news this year, but other important trends emerged that warrant attention. Below are 10 of this year’s “hidden gem” stories that didn’t quite make our top 10 most read. These cover the innovative partnerships, new technologies, pediatric care, health equity and other key developments in the […]

Pandemic Pushes Death Doula Awareness, Hospices Seek Strengthened Ties

Demand for end-of-life doulas (EOLD) has risen during the COVID-19 pandemic due to the high rates of mortality and increased awareness of their services. In tandem, some hospices have recognized opportunities to collaborate with EOLDs. For one, “death doulas” can help educate patients and families about the benefits of hospice, dispelling some of the misconceptions […]

Death Doulas Could Bridge Gaps to Hospice

Public misconceptions about the dying process may have reaching effects on hospice utilization. Developing ties to death doulas could help bridge the gap between patients and hospice providers as they continue to seek ways to improve access to care. A large proportion of adults in the United States have a limited understanding of hospice care. […]