Hospice, Palliative Providers Strategize to Reach Underserved Communities

Providers are seeking to better understand the scope of health care disparities to find where the greatest areas of needs exist among underserved populations. But defining the range of communities that specifically lack access to hospice and palliative care can be a moving target. Every community in the nation has pockets of underserved communities, and […]

10 ‘Hidden Gem’ Hospice News Stories from 2022

Huge acquisitions, the labor shortage and regulation dominated the news this year, but other important trends emerged that warrant attention. Below are 10 of this year’s “hidden gem” stories that didn’t quite make our top 10 most read. These cover the innovative partnerships, new technologies, pediatric care, health equity and other key developments in the […]

Researchers Build Framework for Pediatric Palliative Care Growth

Researchers have found common threads in efforts to develop sustainable pediatric palliative care for underserved patients and families in need worldwide. Though demand is growing for pediatric palliative care, availability of these services is scarce at global levels, with staffing shortages and reimbursement issues as large culprits. Children are among the most underserved seriously ill […]