Hospices Face Cybersecurity Risks

Increased technology utilization in end-of-life care has come with innovative care delivery opportunities alongside cybersecurity risks. Hospices have widened the breadth of ways they leverage technology including artificial intelligence-assisted (AI) patient therapies to boost quality and use of predictive analytics to improve access and length of stay. Additionally, hospice providers have also integrated various electronic […]

Early Talks About Governance Essential for Nonprofit Hospice Affiliations

Nonprofit hospices can combine their businesses in a number of ways, including traditional acquisitions, board member substitutions and other types of affiliations. However, member substitutions are becoming more common, according to Meg Pekarske, partner at the law firm Husch Blackwell. While this model offers benefits it can also become a political minefield that can sink […]

Frontline Hospice Staff Need to Understand New CMS Survey Methods

In case you missed it, Hospice News has launched a new specialty publication for palliative care professionals. You can subscribe to Palliative Care News here: Subscribe today! Ensuring staff are educated around revisions to hospice survey processes will be key to navigating ongoing regulatory changes in the industry. Revisions to hospice surveys have been in the pipeline […]

The Risk of Criminal Charges in Hospice Fraud Cases

Hospice personnel could face criminal charges in instances of suspected fraud, waste and abuse. The regulatory stakes are high for hospice providers when it comes to False Claims Act (FCA) violations, according to Jonathan Porter, partner at the law firm Husch Blackwell. Though the vast majority of FCA cases do not result in criminal charges, […]

Investigating Medicare Hospice Overpayments

As auditing activity by regulators continues to spike, hospices need to know how to conduct internal investigations to identify any potential improper payments. Audits by Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) have proliferated during the past two years, including Targeted Probe and Educate (TPE) audits, as well as those by Unified Program Integrity Contractors (UPIC), Supplemental Medical […]

Hospices Exploring MSOs Amid Evolving Consolidation Rules

Entering agreements with management service organizations (MSOs) may be an alternate route to joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions for hospices seeking to build scale and sustainability than in today’s regulatory and financial climates. A slew of regulatory moves have taken place in 2023 that can have an impact on future deal-making in the hospice space, […]

2023’s Most Impactful Hospice Regulatory Moves

Program integrity issues that have heated up in the hospice space during the past five years reached a boiling point in 2023. Hospice providers have seen an array of increased regulatory oversight in 2023. That momentum has been fueled by two main concerns among regulators — risks of patient safety and evidence of malfeasance in […]

Hospice CEO, Chief Compliance Officer Collaborations Key to Quality

The lines of communication between hospice leaders and compliance executives need to be open and transparent in today’s regulatory environment. The complexities of hospice regulation alongside increased oversight in the space have led providers to zero in on compliance. A host of new audit activity has cropped up in recent years, as well as ramped […]

Navigating the CMS Hospice Audit Appeal Process

As audits proliferate in the hospice space, providers can benefit from understanding the appeals process. Hospices are increasingly wading through an alphabet soup of auditing activity in the industry. Auditing types anticipated to ramp up in hospice include Targeted Probe and Educate (TPE) audits conducted by Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACS) and others involving Unified Program […]

Hospices Navigate New Standards for Building Joint Ventures

Recent regulatory moves aimed at greater transparency and consistency in the structure of joint venture valuations may impact how hospices approach these partnerships. The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) recently introduced a new rule that will require newly formed joint ventures (JVs) to disclose the net value of each participating asset at the onset of […]