Hospice Savannah Opens Mass COVID Vaccine Site

An effort by Hospice Savannah to access vaccines for their staff has led to the organization’s establishment of a mass vaccine site that serves their entire community. In addition to smaller vaccine clinics throughout the week, the hospice inoculates about 700 people per day at their larger site. CEO Kathleen Benton, who holds a doctorate […]

Hospice Savannah Implements Virtual Reality Program for Patients

An increasing number of hospice providers are incorporating virtual reality (VR) technology into patient care to help reduce pain, anxiety and feelings of isolation. Hospice Savannah worked with the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) to create a VR program that has had positive impacts on patients and students alike. In collaboration with SCAD […]

Hospice Providers Quickly Opening Inpatient Units for COVID-19 Patients

Hospices are adapting their inpatient facilities to care for COVID-19 patients as the number of people afflicted with the virus continues to swell. Though many, if not most, coronavirus patients receive care in their homes, in some instances the severity of symptoms necessitates inpatient care.  Georgia-based Hospice Savannah and some locations of the national chain […]