Hospices’ Unanswered Questions: Filling the Research Gaps

Research around hospice care has come a long way. But data gaps exist when it comes to expanding understanding of some aspects of end-of-life care delivery. A range of researchers has amassed a growing base of data on hospice, with some common themes tied to quality outcomes, costs, length of stay and general inpatient care. […]

How Health Equity Payment Models Are Impacting Hospice Staff Diversity

Recent health equity initiatives in hospice reimbursement may reverberate impacts into providers’ staff recruitment and retention strategies, particularly when it comes to leadership roles. The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) in 2021 announced a “strategy refresh” that included focus on health care equity in payment model design. The Accountable Care Organization Realizing Equity, […]

Program Integrity, Health Equity, Workforce Pressures Top of Mind for Hospice Leaders in 2024

This year has brought both tumultuous challenges and evolving opportunities for hospices that will steer hospice leadership during 2024. Hospice News spoke with a group of industry leaders about the most impactful forces that will shape the space in the coming year. Some themes from last year have carried over as far as their biggest […]

Providers Leverage Community Partnerships to Expand Palliative Care Programs, Support Patients

Palliative care providers in several states are finding the best way to connect to the community is through pre-existing, and in some cases, non-medical community groups. Sarah Kivett, director of strategic partnerships at Hospice & Palliative Care of Iredell County in North Carolina, said her organization has grown from 80 palliative care patients since its […]

Hospice, Palliative Providers Strategize to Reach Underserved Communities

Providers are seeking to better understand the scope of health care disparities to find where the greatest areas of needs exist among underserved populations. But defining the range of communities that specifically lack access to hospice and palliative care can be a moving target. Every community in the nation has pockets of underserved communities, and […]

Hospices Integrating Cultural Competency into Recruitment, Retention

As hospices expand their diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, more are putting cultural competency at the forefront of their hiring and training processes.  Understanding and awareness of cultural beliefs and practices makes a difference when it comes to attracting and keeping staff, according to Keith Everett, CEO of Louisiana-based Hospice of Acadiana Inc. A key […]

Hospice Sustainability Rides Hand in Hand With Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The business case for diversity, equity and inclusion in hospice care The drive for greater diversity, equity and inclusion in health care is more than a flash in the pan. It could impact hospices’ sustainability as well as their access to patients. Initiatives to reach underserved populations have been a rising priority among hospice providers. […]

Diversity Initiatives: Where Hospices Hit the Mark

A wide breadth of tactics, strategies and initiatives have sprung up in recent years as more hospices seek to foster diversity among patients and staff. Improving equity and access to end-of-life and serious illness care has been a tough course for many providers to navigate, and creating lasting change will require cultural and organizational shifts, […]

Hospice of Acadiana CEO: Corporate Culture Key to Reach Staff, the Underserved

Hospice of Acadiana recently named Keith Everett as its new CEO following a nationwide search. Everett recently sat down with Hospice News to discuss how organizational culture is key to maneuvering through the changing hospice environment. Based in Lafayette, La., the nonprofit Hospice of Acadiana was established in 1983 and has served more than 20,000 […]

Hospices Can Leverage Mental Health Care for Better Quality, Growth

Hospices are increasingly offering expanded behavioral health services to improve care for patients suffering with serious mental illnesses (SMIs) at the end of life. Rising demand for these services comes at a strenuous time for hospices amid shifting payment policies and a worldwide pandemic. Investing to expand mental health programming poses both challenging financial risks […]