Two New Hampshire Providers Merge, Rebrand as Granite VNA

Concord Regional Visiting Nurse Association has merged with Central New Hampshire VNA & Hospice. The combined organization will operate under the brand Granite VNA. Both providers are located in New Hampshire, serving a combined 82 communities in that state.  Concord Regional was established in 1899 as the Concord District Nursing Association, whereas Central New Hampshire […]

Concord Regional VNA Finds Success in Advanced Illness Management 

Concord Regional Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) in New Hampshire has developed a financially sustainable advanced illness management (AIM) model that incorporates palliative care principles. The program is designed to meet patient and family needs, and it allow for smooth transitions to hospice when appropriate. The VNA for several years has collaborated on palliative care with […]

Two New England VNA Hospice Providers to Merge

Concord Regional Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) and Central New Hampshire VNA & Hospice have signed a letter of intent signaling a merger. The non-binding letter starts the ball rolling towards the merger as the two organizations collaborate expand hospice and home- and community-based care in the region. Concord VNA is a palliative care, home health […]