7 Nonprofit Hospices Form Integrity Care Partners Palliative Care Venture

A group of seven nonprofit hospices has launched a palliative care organization branded as Integrity Care Partners. The founding organizations are each members of the Texas Nonprofit Hospice Alliance, a regional collaborative of which Integrity Care Partners is an extension. The partnerships’ seven initial members include Community Healthcare of Texas, Hospice Austin, Home Hospice of […]

Hospice Leaders to Lawmakers: Strengthen CMS Oversight of Accreditors

Individuals in several states have been securing hospice licenses only to turn them around in a quick sale. A number of these hospices are accredited, prompting calls for greater oversight of organizations with deeming authority. A surge of newly licensed hospices has swelled in California, Arizona, Texas and Nevada. Many of these have been accused […]

Community Healthcare CEO Viki Jingle: Unethical Hospice Practices a ‘Heartbreaking Disservice’ to Patients

As regulators turn their eyes toward hospice program integrity, Community Healthcare of Texas CEO Viki Jingle has seen first-hand the “heartbreaking disservice” that families experience due to unethical practices. Among the key concerns is a rash of newly licensed hospice operators in multiple states that some have associated with suspicious or unethical practices. The issue […]

Community Healthcare of Texas Launches Grief Care Tailored for LGBTQIA+ Families

Community Healthcare of Texas is launching a new bereavement care program tailored for members of the LGBTQIA+ community who are grieving. These groups have historically been underserved and much less likely to receive hospice or palliative care than the general population. Data on hospice utilization among the LGBTQIA+ community are scarce. Research shows that this […]

Hospice Collaboratives Form Nationwide Joint Venture

Teleios Collaborative Network (TCN) and the National Hospice Cooperative (NHC) have created a joint venture that promises to further scale their regional partnership model to nonprofit hospices nationwide. TCN and NHC are collaborative networks of affiliated hospice and palliative care providers that partner to share best practices, centralize some back office functions, build more efficient […]

Chesapeake Palliative Medicine Rebrands as Chesapeake Supportive Care

Pasadena, Md.-based Chesapeake Palliative Medicine has rebranded as Chesapeake Supportive Care to shed stigma that arise from misconceptions about hospice and palliative medicine. Chesapeake Supportive Care is affiliated with Hospice of the Chesapeake. Several hospices and palliative care providers nationwide have been rebranding in recent months, often due to the stigma or to reflect a […]

Hospice Rebrands as Community Healthcare of Texas

Community Hospice of Texas, the largest nonprofit hospice provider in the Lone Star State, has rebranded as Community Healthcare of Texas, reflecting a growing trend of hospices updating their brands to reflect an expanding scope of services in anticipation of value-based payment models.  The Community Healthcare of Texas rebranding reflects the organization’s intentions of engaging […]