How the Value in Health Care Act Could Change Palliative Care Payment

Lawmakers recently introduced the Value in Health Care Act, which, if enacted, could create inroads toward improved palliative care reimbursement. A new version of the Value in Health Care Act includes updates to program parameters of Alternative Payment Models (APMs) to incentivize participation in Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). These changes are designed to increase participation […]

Palliative-Behavioral Health Collaborations Benefit Patients with Serious Mental Illnesses

Palliative care providers have opportunities to bridge gaps of unmet needs among patients who have serious mental illnesses (SMIs) and their families. People with SMIs navigate a complicated mental health care system that can become even more challenging when they have a serious or chronic physical illness. Breakdowns in a fragmented health system have frayed […]

Hospices’ Unanswered Questions: Filling the Research Gaps

Research around hospice care has come a long way. But data gaps exist when it comes to expanding understanding of some aspects of end-of-life care delivery. A range of researchers has amassed a growing base of data on hospice, with some common themes tied to quality outcomes, costs, length of stay and general inpatient care. […]

Palliative Care News’ Top 5 Stories of 2023

A look back at Palliative Care News’ five most-read stories this year paints a picture of trends shaping the serious illness care space. Securing reimbursement — and the promise of value-based contracts — continues to be top of mind for many palliative care providers as they look ahead to 2024. Operators have their eyes on […]

Building Mental Health Supports for Palliative Care Teams

Palliative care organizations that integrate employee feedback into their staff development policies have a fighting chance in battling ongoing burnout and turnover in the field. The palliative care workforce is facing a wide range of challenges that impact their ability to thrive in the field. Providing serious illness care can be emotionally and mentally taxing […]

Providers Hit Obstacles to Scaling Palliative Care

Progress on growing access to quality palliative care has been challenged by hurdles in policy, payment and common misperceptions among patients and providers. Palliative care providers can help patients and families at various points along their health care trajectories, but the fragmentation in the nation’s health system has led to widespread access issues, according to […]

Health Systems Pursue Palliative Care Skill-Building Initiatives

Clinicians often lack exposure to palliative care during their medical training – an issue blocking growth of this workforce during a time of rising demand. One key to growing the supply of palliative care clinicians hinges on data that demonstrates how these services improve patient outcomes. Quality data can help health care leaders across the […]

Health Equity a Driver in New CMS Payment Models

The U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has been working health equity components into new alternative payment models. Much movement has taken place in the payment and policy realms towards closing disparities among underserved populations, according to Hope Glassberg, senior policy advisor at the Coalition to Transform Advanced Care (C-TAC) and president of […]

Breast Cancer Patients Often Lack Access to Palliative Care

Breast cancer patients often lack access to palliative care services, but the needle may be moving as researchers dig into common barriers and clinical and financial outcomes. A recent study of nearly 30,000 hospitalized metastatic breast cancer patients found that only 19% received palliative care from 2010 to 2014. The Scientific Reports study examined patient […]