Hospices Face Challenges in Determining Unrelated Conditions

Hospices often encounter difficulties when it comes to documenting which services are directly related to the patient’s terminal diagnosis as opposed to a comorbidity. Strategies for hospice providers to completing complete and accurate documentation include close examination of a patient’s health history and maintaining detailed records of patient care plans and medications needs. “It is […]

Designing Career Paths Aids Hospice, Palliative Care Staff Shortages

The hospice and palliative care workforce has been shrinking in recent years due to staff retirement, burnout and limited opportunities for specialty training. Designing a career path with opportunities for advancement can boost recruitment, improve retention and reduce turnover. “Currently, the specialty workforce is just too small to meet demand,” said Brynn Bowman, chief strategy […]

Effective On-boarding Aids Hospice Staff Retention

Effective on-boarding practices, including training and orientation, can help stave off the impact of ongoing staffing shortages in the hospice space. Hospices nationwide are fine-tuning recruitment and retention strategies as demand for their services are rising as they continue to lose current staff, often due to retirement or burnout. More than 26% hospice leaders indicated […]