Agrace HospiceCare Opens Inpatient Memory Care Suites

Agrace HospiceCare has opened a dedicated dementia unit within its Fitchburn, Wis., inpatient facility for patients who are no longer able to receive care in their homes. A rising number of dementia patients are choosing to elect hospice. In 2017, 15.6% of hospice patients had dementia as their principal diagnosis, according to the National Hospice […]

Hospices Avoid Regulatory Deficiencies with Effective Care Planning

Regulators have been zeroing in on hospice providers in recent years as utilization and expenditures continue to rise. Deficiencies in care planning is one area that is attracting increasing attention. A recent report from the U.S.Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General (OIG) indicated that more than 87% of the 4,563 […]