Understanding the ACO Opportunity For Hospices

Though the Medicare Advantage hospice carve-in is going away at the end of this year, those operators still have a role to play in value-based care. The carve-in, formally known as the hospice component of the value-based insurance design model (VBID), will expire on Dec. 31. The program was designed to test hospice coverage through […]

Opportunities Abound for Hospices in Primary Care First

Primary Care First is on its way to opening doors for hospice providers to reach patients and their families further upstream in their health care trajectories. While the implementation of some aspects of the initiative have been delayed, the application period for the program’s second year is underway. Tracking patient outcomes through data and workflow […]

Hospice Leverage Emerging Technologies to Build Efficiency

Hospices are seeking to build new levels of efficiency into their workflows as they contend with COVID-19 headwinds and prepare for participation in value-based payment models. A rising number of providers are turning to emerging technologies to support those efforts including artificial intelligence, telehealth and robotic process automation. Payment models that are newly available to […]

Hospice Providers Embrace Predictive Monitoring to Identify Prospective Patients

Hospice providers have increasingly adopted predictive analytic systems to identify patients in need of their services further upstream in their disease trajectory, as well as to demonstrate their value to payers and referral partners, including Medicare Advantage plans. The U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will begin allowing hospices to participate in Medicare […]