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Element5 is the world’s first fully managed, productized workflow automation solution for post-acute care. Leading hospice agencies trust Element5 to help their staff save hundreds of hours on administrative work across Eligibility, Authorizations, Notifications, RCM and more. Delivered as a SaaS, pre-built workflows perform repetitive, rule-based tasks on behalf of your teams. Element5 connects your staff to automation, allowing them to work by exception. Built by experts with decades of post-acute experience, Element5 helps teams focus on higher-value initiatives while achieving reduced DSO, lower write-offs, and improved compliance. You can learn more at

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Hospice Dynamix

Hospice Dynamix revolutionizes the hospice industry with cutting-edge, technology-driven solutions. The innovative platform empowers hospice providers by equipping them with real-time information, eliminating inefficiencies, and minimizing operational risks. Through the utilization of patent-pending artificial intelligence and seamless integration with electronic medical records (EMR), Hospice Dynamix accurately predicts the length of stay (PLOS) for each patient. Our platform continuously learns with every admission, discharge, death, or change in patient status - the more data it receives, the smarter and more accurate it becomes.

Learn how your hospice organization can benefit from the use of our innovative, technology-based solutions.

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KanTime Combines Patient-Centered Care with Modern EMR Technology To Create the Ultimate Healthcare Solution.

We create a cohesive partnership between longitudinal care and technology, powered by a dynamic system that puts the patient first while increasing staff efficiency and engagement.

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