About Changemakers

From the shifting payment landscape to new technologies and staffing challenges, hospice care leaders need to confront one constant year over year: Change. Today, the need for transformative leadership in hospice care remains more critical than ever in a rapidly changing health care landscape.

This year, we’re pleased to introduce our first-ever class of Changemakers.

These leaders exemplify the vision and skills needed to forge a successful future for hospice care. Hospice News conducted in-depth interviews with each one of our 2020 Changemaker pioneers, delving into the impressive ways that they have shaped hospice care as we know it today, as well as their ambitious plans and ideas for how to create the hospice experience and delivery of tomorrow.

2020 Changemakers

  • Leonard D’Avolio
    Founder and CEO
  • X
  • B.J. Miller
    Palliative Care Physician
    UCSF Medical Center
  • X
  • Gary Bacher
    Chief of Strategy, Policy and Legal Affairs
    Capital Caring Health
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  • Shoshana Ungerleider
    California Pacific Medical Center
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