In 2021, perhaps more than ever, the hospice industry has both confronted and embraced a common theme: change. Based on shifting policies, a dynamic payment landscape and growing consumer sentiment, today’s hospice leaders need to manage and drive a changing industry that provides a critical service.

This year, we’re pleased to introduce our 2021 class of Changemakers.

The Hospice News editorial team conducted in-depth interviews with each one of our 2021 Changemakers, with the aim of sharing their perspectives, best practices and lessons learned in hopes to help all hospice leaders spark positive change in their organizations, and across the industry going forward.

Meet this year’s Changemakers 

2021 Changemakers

  • Carla Davis
    Heart of Hospice
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  • Tom Koutsoumpas
    Capital Caring Health, CEO Coalition to Transform Advanced Care, Executive Director, National Partnership for Hospice Innovation
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  • Susan Ponder-Stansel
    Alivia Care
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  • Todd Stern
    CEO, Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care
    Executive Vice Chair of AccentCare
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2020 Changemakers

  • Leonard D’Avolio
    Founder and CEO
  • X
  • B.J. Miller
    Palliative Care Physician
    UCSF Medical Center
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  • Gary Bacher
    Chief of Strategy, Policy and Legal Affairs
    Capital Caring Health
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  • Shoshana Ungerleider
    California Pacific Medical Center
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