Breaking the Silence: The Mounting Need for Trauma-Informed Hospice Care

Traumatized and abused hospice patients and providers often experience an array of lingering physical, emotional and psychological effects that can fall into a silent abyss of unmet needs. Breaking down the barriers to stronger trauma-informed end-of-life care requires heightened awareness, legislative action and improved care delivery approaches. Some hospice providers have training and education around […]

4 Key Trends for Hospices to Watch in 2024

In case you missed it, Hospice News has launched a new specialty publication for palliative care professionals. You can subscribe to Palliative Care News here: Subscribe today! Hospice operators in 2024 are navigating a rapidly transforming environment. The prior three years have laid the groundwork for change, particularly in the regulatory space as well as gradual migration […]

Key Palliative Care Trends to Watch in 2024

Palliative care is an evolving field. Though long-established as a medical specialty, these health care services have yet to reach their full potential due to reimbursement pressures, poor awareness and staffing headwinds. However, in recent years palliative care has been gaining ground, as more payers, providers and patients begin to realize what these services can […]

Hospice Investors to Watch in 2024

Though the number of hospice M&A deals plummeted in 2023 compared to prior years, deals are still being made, and the industry may see a rebound in 2024. Transaction volume declined in the hospice and home-based care space in 2023, following the two record-breaking prior years. Only three hospice deals took place in the third […]

2023’s Most Impactful Hospice Regulatory Moves

Program integrity issues that have heated up in the hospice space during the past five years reached a boiling point in 2023. Hospice providers have seen an array of increased regulatory oversight in 2023. That momentum has been fueled by two main concerns among regulators — risks of patient safety and evidence of malfeasance in […]

Palliative Care News’ Top 5 Stories of 2023

A look back at Palliative Care News’ five most-read stories this year paints a picture of trends shaping the serious illness care space. Securing reimbursement — and the promise of value-based contracts — continues to be top of mind for many palliative care providers as they look ahead to 2024. Operators have their eyes on […]

The Forces Driving, Impeding Access to Pediatric Palliative Care

Reimbursement pressures, workforce strains and lagging awareness represent pain points preventing greater utilization of palliative care. These factors can weigh even heavier on access and quality of life for seriously ill children and their families in need of these services. The road to pediatric palliative care can be filled with many barriers for patients and […]

5 Things to Know About New AccentCare CEO Laura Tortorella

AccentCare recently tapped Steward Health Care COO Laura Tortorella as its new CEO. A look at her background reveals some of the reasons Tortorella may be well-suited for the role. The Dallas-based home health and hospice provider announced on Sept. 14 that Tortorella would succeed former CEO Stephan Rodgers as he steps down. AccentCare is […]

3 Nonprofit Hospice Providers to Watch in 2023

Though nonprofit hospices now represent a smaller slice of the industry than in years past, they continue to care for more than half of patients in the United States who elect the benefit. The number of hospices operating nationwide rose to 5,358 in 2021, according to the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC). This is a […]

4 For-Profit Hospice Providers to Watch in 2023

The hospice space — and the health care system at large — is in a state of flux, driven by value-based reimbursement models, an expanding home-based care continuum and industry-changing transactions. Halfway through the year, Hospice News’ “Four Providers to Watch,” exemplifies the ways that hospice operators are trying to not only to keep up […]