Obstacles and Opportunities for Palliative Care in the ICU

Want to read more palliative care-focused content like this? Subscribe to Palliative Care News today! A growing body of research touts the benefits of palliative care for patients, families, and even providers. However, when evaluated through randomized clinical trials, the results tend to lean toward mediocre. Palliative Care News spoke with experts in the field to […]

The Case for Palliative Care in the ICU

An intensive care unit (ICU) stay often challenges everyone involved. Integrating palliative care could alleviate some of the suffering through symptom management, improved communication about goals, treatment and better training and resources for staff. As ICU admissions in the final year of life become increasingly common, the need for better holistic critical care is growing. […]

Palliative Care Providers Can Enhance Care Coordination

Fragmented health care has significant ties to adverse outcomes in patients with chronic or serious illnesses. Palliative care providers’ ability to navigate the health care system, coordinate the delivery of care, interact regularly with patients and facilitate communication between providers can reduce this fragmentation. This type of coordination can improve outcomes, decrease costs and offer […]

How to ‘Sell’ Palliative Care to Health System Partners

Establishing consistent relationships with referral sources will not only fill palliative care programs’ business pipelines, but it will also allow providers to develop better delivery models to meet the needs of their partners and patients. As value-based models expand and hold health systems accountable for the entire care continuum, palliative care partnerships and joint ventures […]

Study: New Palliative Interventions Needed for Adolescents, Young Adults

Specialty palliative care reduces pain severity in most adolescents and young adults (AYAs) with cancer, but work remains to reduce other symptoms, a recent study found. The study, published in JAMA by Canadian researcher Dr. Sumit Gupta and co-authors, reviewed data from 5,435 AYAs with cancer between the ages of 15- and 29-years-old. Regular symptom […]