VOICES: Raymond Capella, VP, Clinical Services, Enclara Pharmacia

This article is sponsored by Enclara Pharmacia. In this Voices interview, Hospice News sits down with Enclara Pharmacia Vice President of Clinical Services Raymond Capella, PharmD, MBA, to learn about the unique role that pharmacists play in hospice, why efficiency matters in hospice care and the three key challenges that the industry faces in efforts […]

[Sponsored] The “Magic” Behind Expediting Physician and POA Signatures

For hospice providers struggling to complete the claims documentation that is required to secure reimbursement, obtaining timely signatures from the family power of attorney (POA) and the attending physician continues to be a challenge. Relying on outdated methodologies like email, paper or fax to obtain signatures from remote family members and POAs on a range […]

[Sponsored] Why Hospices Must Catch Up When It Comes To Communication

Communication technology in hospice care is critical to consumer satisfaction, yet many agencies remain behind the times, something all-too-obvious to family caregivers and POAs, which in this case are the hospice consumer. In all other aspects of their lives, these consumers — who are the adult daughters and sons of hospice patients — are accustomed […]