COVID Driving Tech Innovations in Hospice

Hospices have increasingly leveraged technologies to support their clinical and business operations as they face challenges brought on by the novel coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic may be accelerating a digital shift in operations as providers absorb COVID-19 impacts on technology utilization, with the business of hospice anticipated to run more virtually in coming years. The […]

COVID-19 Surge Pummeling Hospice Operations, Finances 

A strained workforce and patient accessibility continue to plague hospice providers nearly a year into the COVID-19 pandemic. The recent uptick of cases has further pressed hospice providers, with concerns growing about their ability to respond as the year comes to a close. Another surge of the pandemic is hitting the United States almost 11 […]

Cultural Training, Community Outreach Bridges Gaps in Hospice Service

Providers have increasingly focused on closing racial and cultural gaps to equitable hospice care among historically underserved populations. Investing in culturally competent staff and local outreach could help break down barriers preventing many African American, Hispanic and Native American patients from accessing hospice. Racial disparities in utilization of hospice and palliative care persist, with data […]

Hospice Pharmacy DeliverCareRx Enters Arizona Market

Based outside of Chicago, the hospice pharmacy service DeliverCareRx has expanded its footprint with a new facility in Tempe, Ariz. Set to open in Jan. 2021, the location will make home deliveries and provide hospice pharmacy services throughout the state and in the Southwestern United States. The new Arizona facility is part of DeliverCareRx’s growth […]

Rising Demand, Value-Based Payment Reshaping Hospice Landscape

While a growing demand for end-of-life care has been a major force pushing hospice to the forefront of the health care mergers and acquisitions marketplace, evolving payment models and COVID-19 headwinds have been hurdles to building up investor interest in 2020. Despite the unknowns ahead, hospice market is expected to burgeon. Among the various sectors […]

Collaboration with Hospice Caregivers Boosts Family Satisfaction

Keeping family members engaged in the course of a hospice patient’s care, including care planning, can improve patient and family satisfaction. Patients and referral partners are increasingly examining publicly reported satisfaction scores when selecting the hospices they want to work with. The Consumer Assessment Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) survey is one of the most […]

Death Doulas Could Bridge Gaps to Hospice

Public misconceptions about the dying process may have reaching effects on hospice utilization. Developing ties to death doulas could help bridge the gap between patients and hospice providers as they continue to seek ways to improve access to care. A large proportion of adults in the United States have a limited understanding of hospice care. […]

VITAS CEO Westfall: Plan for COVID to Last Well Into 2021

As 2021 approaches hospice providers are contending with a massive second wave of COVID-19, with the numbers of cases and fatalities escalating each day. Despite promises of a vaccine on the horizon, predicting when the pandemic will end remains impossible. For this reason, VITAS Healthcare CEO Nick Westfall says that his company is planning for […]

Puerto Rico Hospice Carve-In Could Have Implications Nationwide

A booming value-based payment market in Puerto Rico may have indications for programs emerging in the United States beginning next year. Mainland U.S. hospice providers may face similar risks and rewards when weighing participation in the forthcoming payment demonstration to test the inclusion of hospice in Medicare Advantage. Commonly called the hospice carve-in, the U.S. […]

Telepallative Care Benefits Patients, Helps Staff Achieve Work-Life Balance

Telehealth utilization has skyrocketed amid the coronavirus pandemic, with hospice and palliative care providers increasingly exploring new avenues of care. Prior to the pandemic, staff burnout was among the factors that helped to drive telehealth forward as it slowly emerged from a few early adopters to become virtually essential during COVID-19. In March of this […]