HSPN can help deliver a webinar to educate HSPN subscribers about your product or service, develop a position of thoughtleadership and generate leads for your sales team.The HSPN team manages the entire process and provides guidanceon how to best position your chosen topic with our audience

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Live Webinars

The HSPN team will promote the webinar through our platform channels to drive subscriber registration and attendancefor the webinar. You’ll need to provide the slide deck and panelists to help the message come to life.


  • Topic:Client determinesa topic that providesmaximum value to ouraudience45-minutepresentation
  • Up to 3 Panelists andHSPN Moderator
  • Client-supplied slidedeck and speakers


  • 100 - 500+ registrants,for product / servicefocused ~125 registrants;~250+ registrants for trendsand top of funnel webinars
  • 30-40% live attendancefrom registrants
  • Recording shared withall webinar registrants,including those who didnot attend live session

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