DayNew Launches Grief Care Platform

DayNew, a new tech platform launching today, aims to help individuals and families navigate the aftermath of a catastrophic loss, including bereavement.

The company’s founders, Karine Nissim and Eloise Bune, were introduced by a mutual friend after they each unexpectedly lost their husbands. The pair were already serial entrepreneurs. Nissim had previously established the company DogVacay, which later merged with Rover, and Bune had founded Tentrr. After experiencing their own losses, Nissim and Bune decided to collaborate on a new venture designed to help others navigate similar tragedies. 

“What developed was this fast friendship that became this silver lining in a very tumultuous and dark time in our lives,” Nissim told Hospice News. “Between our two collective experiences as entrepreneurs, as tech startup founders, we very much knew how to make something happen, how to make it user friendly with a slick interface in a way that could actually impact people. We could suddenly create this sort of cohesive roadmap to guide people through what is an extremely fragmented experience and market.”

DayNew Founders Karine Nissim and Eloise Bune

In addition to the app, DayNew will offer live workshops and an annual retreat in Mexico.

To get the business off the ground, the two founders decided to self-fund, so they could concentrate on developing the service rather than raising investment dollars, according to Nissim.

Through the app, the traumatized or bereaved receive a customized set of resources and services designed to help guide them through healing and grief, according to DayNew. The app is focused heavily on offering logistical, emotional and social support. It also features a “Find a Buddy,” option that allows users to communicate with each other and provide mutual support.


“We believe in this idea of collective healing. We are so much more powerful together and sharing our experiences,” Bune told Hospice News. “Karine and I are in the place where we are, because we’ve had each other. We literally had the exact same experience at that same age and with same-age children.”

Going forward, DayNew plans to develop partnerships with stakeholders like insurance companies, employers and health care providers, including hospices.

“We’re definitely hinging on hospice centers as being very natural partners for us,” Nissim said.

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