ShiftMed Partners with Uber to Transport Clinical Staff to Client Locations

Health care workforce management company ShiftMed is partnering with Uber Health to offer transportation and other services as an employee benefit.

Uber Health is the health care arm of Uber Technologies (NYSE: UBER). Historically, they have focused on transporting patients to medical appointments, as well as making health care-related deliveries. The ShiftMed collaboration brings their model to the provider space.

“ShiftMed and Uber Health have a long-standing relationship as we work to have care meet the patients where they are. During this journey to solve for this – we recognized that often the biggest barrier to meeting patients where they are is getting the clinician there,” ShiftMed’s COO Jacob Laufer told Hospice News. “Our integration enables this to happen seamlessly for clinicians and helps ensure clinicians are as productive as possible.”


ShiftMed’s clinical employees will now be able to request rides to and from their shifts directly through the company’s smartphone application. The company indicated that they expect the service to make it easier for staff to expand their geographic service area, remain punctual, and reduce cancellations.

The service also widens the company’s labor pool to include clinicians who do not own cars but need to travel to patient locations, as well as those who have limited access to public transportation.

ShiftMed’s internal data show that transportation is a barrier for 30% of clinical staff, according to Laufer.


ShiftMed is a tech-enabled workforce management platform that connects health care organizations with clinical staff through its proprietary app. The company’s 100,000 clinicians are deployed on an on-demand basis to more than 1,500 enterprise health care providers in 110 markets nationwide.

Beyond its own employees, the company plans to make these services available to their health care partners to help improve their own shift coverage and boost retention. High-performing clinicians will also receive vouchers for meals and grocery delivery from Uber Eats through this program.

“ShiftMed will be best positioned to recruit, place, and retain clinicians,” Laufer said. “Through our exclusive integration with Uber Health – clinicians can easily broaden their service areas to work in more settings and care for more patients while having greater earning potential and income stability to keep clinicians in health care versus leaving direct patient care for a work from home opportunity. “

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