Aida Matic Named VP of Development at Houston Hospice

Houston Hospice in Texas has appointed Aida Matic as its new vice president of development and community engagement. She comes to the company from Tidewell Hospice in Florida.

 Matic worked for 10 years at Tidewell, a subsidiary of Stratum Health. Most recently she served as vice president of philanthropy, having risen through the ranks from director of annual giving.

“Houston Hospice is thrilled to welcome Aida Matic as our new VP of Development,” said Rana McClelland, president & CEO of Houston Hospice. “The board of directors and leadership team are impressed by her strong work ethic, expertise in hospice donor relations and track record of success.


Hospices often rely on philanthropic donations and fundraisers to support their programs, but many are taking a financial hit from the coronavirus pandemic. Despite federal funding relief efforts, strained donors, increased costs and cancelled fundraising events are impacting hospice bottom lines.

With increased need for protective and screening equipment, hospices around the country are struggling to balance their budgets while working to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Supply costs have surged since the outbreak, as have costs associated with telehealth programs and paid leave for exposed staff, among a barrage of other expenses.

Philanthropy and fundraising often finance programs such as palliative care services, complementary therapies, hospice houses as well as programs for the homeless, among other initiatives.


Hospice providers have had to get creative in their fundraising efforts, including taking events virtual. Also, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services has confirmed that hospices can count any cuts in fundraising dollars as lost revenue when applying to the Provider Relieve Fun, a federal program designed to ease the financial burden of the COVID-19 pandemic on health care providers.

“I am honored to join Houston Hospice as the VP of Development and Community Engagement,” said Matic. “I look forward to reaching out to our dedicated supporters and friends and building new relationships with those who are passionate about hospice care for the terminally ill, pediatric patients, veterans and the under insured.”

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