Homecare Homebase Launches Patient Engagement Partnership with Cipher Health

Homecare Homebase — a producer of software serving the hospice and home care industries — has launched a partner with the health care tech firm Cipher Health to improve patient engagement. Homecare Homebase provides much of the industry with electronic health records (EHR) systems.

The partnership expects to make Homecare Homebase EHR systems interoperable with Cipher’s patient engagement platform, which uses customized call, text and email communication with patients and families throughout their stay with the hospice or other health care providers. The communication include status checks, confirmation of home visit appointments and other information related to the patients’ specific diagnoses.

“When we find a solution that dovetails so nicely with our core platform, we’re eager to add even more value for our customers,” Homecare Homebase Chief Strategy Officer Scott Pattillo said. “Our growing roster of strategic partners is helping us transform the industry and empower exceptional home-based care.”


Hospice organizations have been leveraging technology such as remote patient monitoring systems to assess patient needs during the pandemic. Technology has played a vital role in sustaining hospice care as the ongoing national emergency continues.

Federal agencies have increasingly allowed for temporarily expanded telehealth use, and hospice providers are anticipating a new normal for delivering patient care as the pandemic begins to peak in some areas across the country.

“As the health care industry goes through rapid transformation due to COVID-19, homebound patients and their caregivers are dealing with a new set of challenges never seen before. Home health agencies are recognizing the need for integrated technology that automates the myriad communications, scheduling and monitoring tasks so that clinicians have more quality time with their patients to drive better outcomes” said CipherHealth Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, John Banks Powell.


According to the two companies, this collaboration is expected to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations among hospice and home health care patients as well as reducing costs to the provider and freeing up additional time for staff. 

“Cipher helps to support agency goals of maintaining a higher level of communication with patients and family with fewer staff. Also, the need and ability checking in with patients and family remotely has increased during the pandemic,” Powell told Hospice News. “The partnership provides an integrated platform experience for the patient and provider’s agency.”

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