Integriti3D Launches Hospice-Centered Governance Program

California-based Integriti3D, a hospice and palliative care management consulting firm, has unveiled its Hospice Governance Academy, a program designed to help providers optimize their boards of directors. The program is focused entirely on the hospice and palliative care fields.

The program features a self-guided eLearning platform for board development. Educational materials include a series of fundamentals courses, interviews with industry experts, learning tools and publications on industry issues and trends.

“My own experience in terms of being a board member, a board chair, chief executive and licensed consultant with boards that you see organizations where the board might be strong in one area, such as having a good connection to the community, but not a good understanding of hospice per se,” said Integrit3D founder Bill Musick, who developed the governance academy. “You might have a more professional board where you’ve got strong health care background, but maybe not a good understanding of how to be a high performing board, and too often, boards don’t move to that higher level in part because it takes intentional effort and sometimes that effort is difficult.”


Musick designed the academy to educate board members in three key areas, including best practices for high-performing board, governance strategies and trends, and the role of boards in creating a culture of integrity, fairness, and respect throughout the organization.

Some of the academy’s content is designed to help boards wrap their heads around the increased regulatory scrutiny confronting the hospice space in recent years.

“A high performing board is a board that is first laser focused on implementing its vision, and it’s crafted a vision that really allows it to differentiate itself from other hospices. To me that’s one of the critical responsibilities of a board is to develop a vision and mission that help to tell the story of why that organization,” Musick told Hospice News. “That board is modeling the organization’s values and supporting a culture of integrity, and the other aspect of a high performing board is there’s that mutually supportive, respectful relationship between the board and the chief executive, so that they are working together in the best interest of the organization.”


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