Access the Hospice News Media Kit [Sponsored]

As hospices, vendors and other stakeholders in the field prepare their 2020 budgets, it’s time to consider new ways of positioning your firm in front of thousands of professionals in the hospice and palliative care fields through branding, thought leadership and lead generation campaigns, such as advertising and sponsored content in Hospice News.

Our media kit is available here, containing comprehensive information about Hospice News products or services that can benefit your business, including articles, e-books, reader surveys, events and award programs.

Sponsored content opportunities include articles that provide a simple, cost-effective solution to promote your company, product or service to Hospice News readers. These 600- to 750-word stories will labelled [Sponsored] in the headline.


Hospice News’ “Voices” product is a sponsored, question-and-answer article that provides a platform for your executives to deliver unique insights and position them as thought leaders.

Likewise, Hospice News can create a highly detailed and visually compelling e-book between 8-10 pages highlighting topics and subject matter relevant to your product or service. These e-books can be combined and distributed via the Hospice News Resource Center to provide lead generation opportunities.