Enclara, Ohio’s Hospice Collaborate on Medication Efficiency

Enclara Pharmacia, a provider of PBM services for hospice and palliative care, is partnering with Ohio’s Hospice to build efficiencies into the organization’s medication management processes.

Ohio’s Hospice will use Enclara’s E3 Mobile application, which is interoperable with the organizations electronic medical records system, clinicians, and the pharmacy. The application is designed to reduce necessary data entry and simplify clinical workflows.

“As we work to define what superior quality end-of-life care should be, we must continuously invest in innovative solutions that increase operational efficiency, improve quality, optimize resources and the bed-side experience for our patients,” Kent Anderson, president and CEO, Ohio’s Hospice, said. “Through this innovative arrangement, affiliates of Ohio’s Hospice and their patients will have access to the medications they need, not only in urban centers as they do today, but also in the rural counties throughout Ohio wherever they call home.”


Ohio’s Hospice is a regional partnership of hospice providers, founded in 2013 with three member organizations and in the intervening years expanded to nine members, in addition to entering into joint ventures and other community organizations. Regional partnerships such as Ohio’s Hospice help non-profit hospice organizations compete with for-profit entities that during the past decade have come to dominate the hospice market.

Medications are a top expense for hospice providers, who are dependent on capitated per diem payments from Medicare. Hospices can’t increase the amount of their income per patient, so they must rely on creating efficiencies and effective cost management to raise their margins.

“Our mission is to ensure that our patients and their families have access to world-class end-of-life and chronic illness management,” Anderson said. “In doing so, we need strong strategic partners, like Enclara, that can provide the clinical and technology resources to support the needs of our patients and the clinicians who serve them.”


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