St. Croix Hospice De Novo Expands Nebraska Footprint

St. Paul, Minn.-based St. Croix Hospice has expanded its footprint in Nebraska by adding a new location in the state’s Grand Island community. Establishment of the new office resulted from community stakeholder requests for additional hospice services in the area, according to the hospice. St. Croix is a subsidiary of the Chicago-based investment firm Vistria Group.

St. Croix Hospice serves patients in more than 30 Nebraska counties in addition to its operations in other states. St. Croix operates nearly 30 locations throughout the Midwest, including locations in Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Iowa.

“St. Croix Hospice is pleased to be able to serve more patients, families and caregivers throughout Nebraska from our new Grand Island location,” said St. Croix Hospice Medical Director Clayton Hoberman. “We have been providing services for many years from our Omaha office, and added our Lincoln location last year in response to continued requests to provide our support to more communities. The Grand Island office now gives us the opportunity to provide additional local hospice expertise to even more of eastern Nebraska.”


The Nebraska population is aging with the rest of the nation’s baby boomers. As of 2018, 15% of the state’s population was age 65 or older, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. By 2020, nearly one quarter of Nebraskans will be older than 60. More than a third of the state’s residents who are older than 65 suffer from some type of disability, according to the Northeast Nebraska Area Agency on Aging.

Nebraska ranks 12th in the nation when considering the percentage of its population that is 75-years-old or older and 11th when considering the percentage aged or residents who are 85 or older.

The state ranks 17th in the nation for hospice utilization, with 50.8% of Medicare decedents in the state electing hospice in 2017. Utah leads the nation in hospice enrollment, reaching 59.4% in 2017.


St. Croix Hospice is on a growth trajectory in the Midwest, having expanded its footprint in the Wisconsin market earlier this year with the acquisition of Hometown Hospice & Homecare for an undisclosed amount.

Hometown, headquartered in the town of Brookfield, operated three hospice and home health care locations in eastern Wisconsin. In addition to bolstering its hospice services, the acquisition marked St. Croix first steps into the home health care arena.

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