Non-profit Hospice Grows Business Via Community Fundraising

Non-profit hospice care providers are discovering ways to harness community resources to expand their businesses. A recent example is Hospice of Wichita Falls, which has raised $12 million in donations to finance expansion of its hospice services in North Texas.

The organization’s fundraising goal for the project is $15 million. A significant portion of the funds are earmarked for construction of a new 24-suite inpatient hospice facility, as well as renovations to an existing facility the Wichita Falls Times-Record News reported.

Planned renovations include a new palliative care clinic, a clinical staff education center, expanded home health and social services areas, a bereavement center for families of hospice patients, and a staff wellness center, among other improvements.


Hospice of Wichita Falls is the only community-based nonprofit hospice care provider serving 12 counties in the north central region of Texas.